Admission Procedure

/Admission Procedure
  • Admission to Class N.C. (L.K.G. and above if there are vacancies only) classes are usually held in March for the following academic year for which registration should be done on the prescribed from before March. Forms are obtainable for fee in the School Office on a specified date.
  • Children seeking admission in 1st class should have completed five years and six months as on first of April of that academic year. A birth certificate should be produced from the Municipality/Gram Panchayat with the registration form in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form. Affidavits are not accepted.
  • There will be verification of forms along with both the parents and the child before the child is selected for admission on a date time intimated at the time of registration.
  • Admission will be given on the basis of correctness of details filled in the registration from the date of birth etc. depending on the number of seat available in the class concerned. The school may also select the children through the process of draw of lots. The Parents and Guardians should not put undue pressure on the Principal and the Management for admission through recommendations or through any other source.
  • Parents/Guardians of the candidate selected for admission are required to fill up a prescribed admission form and submit it duly signed. No admission forms are issued to any one to carry home.
  • The condition of admission is that the Parents/Guardians comply strictly with the terms and rules herein stated any pay the tuition fees and other charges laid down in the prospectus by due date. Any future charges made in the prospectus regarding rules or tuition fees or any other charges will also be binding on them. The Management reserves the right to admit or refuse admission.
  • No donation is accepted. Beware of the middlemen.