Aims & Objectives

/Aims & Objectives
  • To develop all round personality of a child by including physical fitness, ideals of healthy competitiveness , leaderships and self expression, ideals of Indian Culture through games , monitorial systems , dramatics, value education and moral instruction besides catering to the scholastic needs of students.
  • To give importance in all co- curricular activities , Hindi by cultural activities , debates etc. and for English through medium of instruction and Examination.
  • To endeavour to make school education and activities contributing to Indian Culture.
  • To inherit a mainstream of national integration through Indian dance and music and to make students scholars, gentlemen and responsible citizens of India.
  • To train the mind and shape the character of the younger generation.
  • To provide facilities for learning social and other sciences, irrespective of religion, caste and creed.
  • To make the students capable of shouldering responsibilities towards God and their country , family and neighbours and their fellow men.
  • To teach the technique that will enable them to discover their talents and the powers.
  • To enable the students earn learn their livelihood and become inspiring citizens of the nation and worthy members of the world community .
  • To ensure that the product of Saint Joseph Primary School be aware of their personal talent and not to use it for their selfish and but for the good of others.
  • Punctuality, neatness and uniformity of dress and consideration for others and a co-operative spirit is insisted upon.