About Fees

/About Fees
  • Tuition fee will be charged for all 12 calendar month’s other fee as per schedule.
  • Fee will be collected through of INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK, BAGAESHWAR.
  • No reduction or remission or refund of fee will be claimed on account of holidays or absence of any reasons. No student will be allowed to appear for unit test until the dues have been paid in full.
  • No brother-sister concession in fee will be granted.
  • Late fees will be Rs,40/-month including after the expiry of fees due date and subsequent months.
  • The school reserves the right to increase the fee from the new academic session when considered necessary by the managing committee.
  • Fee should be paid by the 30th of April, July, October& January.i.e.
    April, May & June in April.
    July, August & September in July.
    October, November & December in October.
    January, February & March in January.
  • Fee accompanied with the Fee Book should be paid in cash / Cheque/ Elec. at the INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK Please credit: St. Joseph’s Primary School S.B A/C No. 2931, BAGESHWAR on any working day from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 from the 1st to 30th of Each Paying month.
  • No deductions are made for vacations or broken periods.
  • All fees must be paid by the due date failing which the pupil’s name will be stuck off the rolls.
  • In case of special circumstances , when parents are unable to pay the fees before the stipulated date ,they must see the principal in person and by application seek extension for the same before the due –date in such cases only. A late fee of Rs. 40 /-per month is permitted.
  • Before the withdrawal of pupil a month’s fee in lieu of notice is required.